Posted by: Cathy | April 1, 2016

Creative Challenge: Vacation Photo Scavenger Hunt

Me at the Borghese Garden in Rome, November 2015

Me at the Borghese Garden in Rome, Nov 2015

In 30 days, I’m flying to Paris! I’m traveling alone to Paris, Rome, and Marseille for two weeks, so thought it would be fun to give myself a creative challenge to spice up my solo sight-seeing: a photo scavenger hunt!

>> Assign me some items to find (that would be appropriate for a European metro-area in spring) and I’ll post my photos in an album on my Facebook page.

I would love for you to participate and assign me an item! You can reply in a comment to this post or on Facebook or Twitter.

If I get a ton of assignments, I might randomly number them in Excel and pick the first 42 or something.

Coach Blog 040116 europe map



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