Posted by: Cathy | March 30, 2016

My half-birthday!

Coach Blog 033016 half-birthday cake I celebrate my half-birthday. It helps me demark my personal year and revisit my annual planning. I was shocked at the end of February to see that my half-birthday was creeping up in four more weeks. I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done in the last six months! Of course, I have gotten some things done, but I’m not making as much progress as I hoped, so I need to either decide to step it up double-time or adjust my expectations for when I will accomplish my goals.

Part of my frustration is, I think, the natural flow of the seasons. My birthday is in fall, and then I naturally contract through winter and don’t accomplish much, so the first half of my personal year is probably slow in general. Come spring and summer, I have more energy and inspiration to get things done. Embracing this personal cycle and not judging myself for it is an ongoing process.

Where are you in your personal cycle? What is working for you right now, and what could use some improvement? Set regular check-ins according to your personal cycle so you can reconnect with what is important to you and use that as a foundation to deliberately build your life. If you don’t consciously build your life around you, you might find yourself in a cage!




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