Coach Nibbles

Coach Blog 010114 A “coach nibble” is a mini coaching session, giving a specific tool or exercise to help with a specific topic submitted by a reader. Check out previous coach nibble posts to see what questions I’ve already answered.

I’m always accepting submissions for future coach nibbles. If you would like to give me a topic you’re dealing with, please email it to me! (exploringyourdepths I’d love my examples to directly help people. You can give me a code-name or I can just say the topic is from Anonymous for your privacy.

Everyone who suggests a coach nibble topic each month will be put in a drawing for a free 3-card tarot reading! (One entry per person per month.) When I select which topic to post that month, I’ll see if there are any common themes; or if there aren’t, I’ll select one at random, and the free tarot drawing will come from those who were not answered in the blog that month. (So you either get your topic posted in the blog or you get entered to win a free 3-card tarot reading.)

If I get lots of coach nibble topics each month, I will consider doing them more often.

If you like my coach nibbles and would be interested in one-on-one coaching with me, check out my coaching information page and F.A.Q. and email me if you have any questions!


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