Posted by: Cathy | April 4, 2016

Theme: April Showers

Coach Blog 040416 april showers rain This April, I want to consciously wash away some of the emotional stuff I don’t need by invoking some inner April Showers.

I’ll tell you right now, this won’t be fun, but it will feel better afterward. Sometimes, the only way past things is to go through them. I think we all have unprocessed emotional stuff that we’d prefer to shove under a rug and try to forget, but that just leaves us with lumpy rugs. To really be free of the emotional crap, we need to move through it, not shove it aside. We need to let the emotions flow through us and down-stream.

For me, personally, this April is a good time to do my processing. I’m flying to Europe on vacation April 30, so I will travel lighter and come back even more refreshed and inspired. For you, personally, it might be better to bookmark the processing posts this month and schedule a time in your calendar to revisit them. However, misery loves company, right, so let me know if you’re playing along!

For my inner April Showers, I’ll be continuing with more regularity on a practice I started intermittently in January – I’m calling it my “DOC” work, after something Barbara De Angelis said about how living a conscious, spiritual life is like getting a doctorate in being a human. I made DOC into an acronym: dancing over chaos.

I’m making up my DOC work as I go: right now, it looks something like an automatic writing practice. I make a cup of tea and center myself, then invite a couple of spirit guides to join me for comfort and guidance. Then I start with a couple of writing prompts and type my stream-of-conscious responses. I try to deal with one problem or issue at a time so I don’t get overwhelmed. I always start out feeling resistance and wanting to find something else to do, but I always end feeling lighter and more relaxed.

You should find a process that works best for you to do this work, too. Follow your instincts; what would make you feel safe as you dip into vulnerable places? Brainstorm some ideas and build a short practice; try something and tweak it as you go. The important part is to look at this emotional crap, to shine a light on it, so you can move beyond it and leave it behind.

Would you like to join me for April Showers? Feel free to private message me on Facebook or send me a confidential message here.




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