Posted by: Cathy | March 27, 2017

Why creativity is contagious

Creativity is contagious. Looking at others’ creativity wakes up the creative part of our brain.

When anyone is doing something creative, they are using their personal lens to interpret something. When we see a creative piece, we are looking at their lens through our own lens and it brings that perspective into the conscious mind. We can admire and appreciate their lens while being reminded of our own lens.

Once our lens comes into the conscious mind, we get curious and want to express something with our own lens. Then next time you feel blocked or stale creatively, seek out others’ creativity. Find a free gallery show in your area or look at independent art in Etsy shops or on Instagram.

Notice the artist’s lens and how your lens reacts. What draws you into a piece? What feels most inspiring?

Then, allow it to inspire your own creativity, even just a doodle or a haiku. Repeat as necessary!

What do you want to express?


Posted by: Cathy | March 23, 2017

Spring cleaning Space Mission

Fresh air, longer days, more sunshine … it’s time to spruce up your space.

Slowly, I’ve been cleaning out a closet. I feel strongly that I need to release some things to make space for something new trying to emerge in my life. It’s easy to ignore it and maintain the status quo, but I’m bored with it and I really do want this new energy. By sorting through items I no longer need in my physical environment, it shows the universe I’m embracing change and ready for the new thing to appear. It’s not easy, but it is necessary.

Again, I’m planning to work through my Space Mission e-workbook (subtitle: “Giving Yourself the Luxury of Spaciousness”).

The goal of this workbook is to help you create more space in your life, and to enjoy your space. I want this to become your Space Mission. You spend countless hours in your home and work spaces – why not give yourself the luxury of spaciousness?

In this workbook, I give you 6 exercises to release stagnant energy and create beautiful, luxurious space in your environment; space you can leave decadently empty or fill with something you love. Make your space support and energize you. Come with me on this Space Mission!

If you’d like to join me, you can buy your copy here: Space Mission e-workbook ($4)

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook what you want to release this spring!


Posted by: Cathy | March 22, 2017


Last year, I hosted Align Time, a weekly alignment check-in for balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction. A few of my prompts got more hits than others, so I’ll elaborate on those here on the blog.

For February 16, 2016, I said: “Intention-Reaction is about noticing when you are acting in line with your intention or if you are reacting unconsciously. Neither is better or worse, just notice where you are on this spectrum and where you’d like to be.

When things are coming at us fast, it’s hard not to be reactive; we don’t have time to consciously plan our next move. But pausing, even for a few moments, to respond intentionally can help us make better decisions and line up with our values and priorities.

This alignment check-in asks you to notice where your consciousness is. Do you allow yourself time to act with intention? What particular situations cause you to feel more reactive?

Where are you on the Intention-Reaction spectrum? Is that where you want to be?


Posted by: Cathy | March 20, 2017

See it, Change it

Here are some notes I took from “Soul Shifts” by Barbara de Angelis: “Be open to see as much as possible; don’t be afraid of what you see because then you can transform it. If you’re afraid of what you might see, you already know what it is. See what is intolerable to you and tolerate what you’re seeing long enough to change it.”

Living consciously is not easy. Some days, especially on the weekends when I just want to relax and unwind, it’s much easier to eat the processed food, read too much Facebook, and neglect the mindful habits I’m trying to put in place to live a conscious life. Sometimes, we really do need to switch off and disconnect from everything, even our own good intentions.

But we can’t stay switched off.

Only by “seeing what there is to see, feeling what there is to feel, and knowing what there is to know,” as Barbara tells us, can we transform ourselves, our lives, and the world around us. To be the change we want to see in the world, we first need to look at ourselves and make changes within.

Take the time to switch off when you feel overloaded, but set a time to switch back on. Consider deliberately switching on each morning. Ease back into your conscious life by reading some inspiring material and reviewing your values and goals for the year. Then get back on the wagon. See the next step and take it. See your goal and make it. See the change you want and do it.

What do you see right now?


Posted by: Cathy | March 16, 2017

Anchors Away, get back on your resolutions

* Are you hungry to make a change in your life, but want help making it stick?
* Do you know what to do but want support for the long haul?
* Are you ready to drop the anchor(s) holding you down?

I was doing well on my goals in January but February threw me off. I still struggle with my big goals too – some months I’m on top of things and blasting through action items; other months I can barely use my brain to calculate 2+2. I’ve been there, and I still go “there” on occasion, but I’m learning and keep coming back to my goals and making them happen. I’d love to support you to do the same.

Are you ready to get back on track with your resolutions?

“Anchor Away (with Accountability)” takes my 90-minute “Yes, and …” session and turbo-boosts it.

“Yes, and …” is a three-part coaching module where we will figure out:
* What you want your life to look like and how to get there
* Set personal goals and action plans
* Establish boundaries to protect your goalar time and energy

After you’ve done completed the “Yes, and …” sessions (90 minutes), you’ll get 10 weeks of follow-up calls: a 30-minute check in two weeks after “Yes, and …” to see what is working and what needs tweaking, and then 4 15-minute check-ins every two weeks (total of 90 minutes in check-ins; grand total of 3 hours in coaching). Each 15-minute check-in will have a different focus, such as maintaining momentum, identifying threats and work-arounds, celebrating successes, and laying a foundation for future success. After 3 months of coaching, you’ll be on your way to liberation from blocks and limitations.

We have enough time to do what is important. Susan B. Anthony, Marie Curie, and Oprah all had the same number of hours in a day. Thinking you don’t have enough time is a story society tells you to play small – society wants you to play small so other people feel better about themselves not accomplishing goals. If you want to feel better about yourself, you can drop that story of little time and do big things anyway. Don’t wait for inspiration, show up anyway, dabble until the muse arrives to join you. I can help support you.

Register now and ditch those anchors! ($245 for 180 minutes of coaching)

You can also get just the “Yes, and …” sessions for $125. ($125 for 90 minutes of coaching)


Posted by: Cathy | March 15, 2017

Creativity Dis-ease 8: Sprained Creative Ego

In my role as a creativity coach, I’ve identified 12 creativity dis-eases that get us off-track from our art. Each month, I’ll highlight one.

This month, we’re talking about the “Sprained Creative Ego.” Can you relate?

You worked really hard on something and someone criticized it. It doesn’t matter if it was finished or still in-progress, the criticism stings and now you have trouble working on your projects because it still stings. You don’t want to be criticized again.

The solution is to ignore that opinion and get back to work.

No one’s opinion matters but your own. Having people appreciate and understand our art is nice, but it’s not the only reason to make art. Spend some time keeping your art private to allow your ego time to recover, but don’t stop doing your creative work. Heal and rise above it.

A sprained creative ego signals you were invested in your work, which is a good thing. You cared, so the criticism hurt. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. But don’t stop working because one or ten or a hundred people don’t appreciate or understand your art. Their opinions don’t matter. Make art to please yourself and the “right” people will appreciate and understand it. Keep working and then find those people.

What do you think? Have you experienced the “Sprained Creative Ego”?

If you feel your creativity health is off, take my free Creativity Health Assessment quiz to identify your creativity dis-ease! Then consider signing up for my free 30-minute Creativity Health Plan coaching session to help you find a solution for your creativity dis-ease.

Posted by: Cathy | March 13, 2017

CQ: What are your favorite beats?

Creative Questions are a regular feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your creative pursuits or creatively tackle other goals. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

My theme this month has been “march to your own beat.” So what are your favorite beats?

There are lots of different rhythms in life, besides music. Different projects have different rhythms. Different seasons or times of day have different rhythms.

Think about your favorite 3-5 activities and consider what kind of rhythm or beat they have. Do the activities reflect similar rhythms or a variety of rhythms?

Just notice what your favorite beats are and try to do something to invoke them when you’re having a bad day.


Posted by: Cathy | March 10, 2017

Intuitive Art and Writing booklet

Have you checked out my new free booklet? Six Sensual Creativity: Intuitive Art and Writing using all 6 Senses

In this free booklet, I share my Four Steps for Intuitive Art and give you six exercises (one for each of the five senses plus your sixth sense) to bring some sensuality to your creative practices.

These exercises use inexpensive supplies you may already have around the house. Intuitive art should be easy and accessible; you don’t need fancy equipment. Crayons, kids’ paint, and old magazines work great. You don’t need to go out and buy new supplies.

Intuitive art is really about creativity in its most raw form.
Just show up and allow something creative to happen.

Give yourself an art break and download the booklet here
(listed under “Art”)

Posted by: Cathy | March 9, 2017

“The soul slept in beams of light”

Some are Born to sweet Delight,
Some are born to Endless Night.
We are led to Believe a Lie
When we see not Thro’ the Eye
Which was Born in a Night to Perish in a Night
When the Soul Slept in Beams of Light.

(From “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake)

Where does your soul sleep?

Our environment can have a strong influence on the quality of our lives. If you’re trying to sleep in a room that’s too noisy or too bright or too cold, you will have difficulty sleeping.

Notice how your current environment helps or hinders your goals for the year. Consider what your ideal environment would be like and make a list of changes to get your current environment more aligned to your ideal. Each week, take a little time to implement the changes. Be creative with your environment and appeal to all of your senses.

Making your environment aligned with your goals can give you a subconscious boost to stay on track and achieve them.

What could you change in your environment right now to better reflect your goals?


Posted by: Cathy | March 6, 2017

QQ: What are you seeking?

Coach Blog 061316 questing questions Questing Questions are a regular feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your life quest. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

In her book, Soul Shifts, writer Barbara deAngelis says: “Seeking is the path, the purpose, and the promise – if you’re seeking, you’ve already found something.”

You start by finding a clue that leads you on a search to find more. Arrows along a trail. The whiff of a flower. The song of a bird. Something grabs your attention and you feel compelled to follow it.

* What are you seeking?
* What was the clue that sent you on your search?
* What do you hope to find?


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