Posted by: Cathy | February 18, 2019

Don’t get swept away by the shit-storm

Just as goals help you develop more of what you want, boundaries help you reduce what you don’t want. Boundaries can help anchor you so you don’t get swept away by a shit-storm.

When you’re having a bad day in a reactive mode, it’s easy for things to devolve seemingly out of your control, but you can choose to take the high road and consciously step out of it to disengage with the downward spiral. By focusing on some simple self-care strategies, you can shift your mood and choose your response.

Boundaries can help you have some back-pocket strategies to cool your jets and replenish when life isn’t going to plan. When you notice you’re experiencing a reactive emotion, you can use one of your strategies and get back to your center.

Something as simple as taking 5 minutes to brew a cup of tea or focus on your breathing can create space to stop reacting in a situation and choose consciously.

Consider setting a regular 5-minute break twice per day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon, so you can consciously notice if your day is going how you would like or if there’s a shift you’d like to make.

Don’t get swept away by a shit-storm. Set some healthy boundaries and refuse to stay in reactive emotions.

Posted by: Cathy | February 13, 2019

Six Sensual Creativity

This Valentine’s season, bring all of your senses into your creative practice with the exercises in my ebooklet, Six Sensual Creativity: Intuitive Art and Writing using all 6 Senses [$0] (under Art on my downloads page)

Intuitive art is a way to express yourself with the subconscious mind, as opposed to the conscious mind.

For example, with the conscious mind, you might try to draw a tree. You try to represent the tree in an authentic or abstract way, depending on your style, but your objective is to make an impression of the tree. Your subject is the tree.

With intuitive art, we don’t know what will come up, through, or out of our session. We let our subconscious be the conductor and we don’t have a subject or an objective! We are only trying to do something creative, to show up and allow something creative to happen.

In this way, we try to skirt around expectations, preconceptions, and goal-orientation. This allows your conscious mind to take a break, and hopefully also quiets your inner critic for a while.

Intuitive art is really about creativity in its most raw form.
Just show up and allow something creative to happen.

However, many people aren’t used to doing that! So I have put together the six exercises to help give your intuitive art a little structure as you get used to showing up and allowing something creative to happen.

In this free booklet, I share my Four Steps for Intuitive Art and give you six exercises (one for each of the five senses plus your sixth sense) to bring some sensuality to your creative practices.

Download the booklet here, under Art.


Posted by: Cathy | February 11, 2019

Six weeks in, what is stopping you on your intention?

We are six weeks into the year and I invite you to check in:

Are you making progress on your intention for the year?
What resistance or obstacles are coming up?
What is stopping you on your intention?

Never did the course of true love run smooth, and never did a New Year’s intention go off without a hitch. By noticing what is tripping you up, you can tweak your process and build up immunity to those problems. Other problems will arise, and you can check in again in six more weeks, rinse, and repeat.

For me personally, I’ve had difficulty focusing and maintaining my daily routines. Routines are there to help me mindfully build the kind of day and life I want to have, so I’m recommitting to my routines and will try to see what is tripping them up, then tweak them if necessary.

It isn’t the absence of problems that allows us to succeed, but in overcoming those problems and continuing forward.

Posted by: Cathy | February 6, 2019

Setting and Living Your Values

When you live in alignment with your personal values, you will have more satisfaction in your life.

Make a quick list of 5-10 personal values, qualities you especially appreciate and try to honor in your day-to-day life. (For example, some of mine are curiosity, creativity, imagination, intuition, and sensuality.) Think of a really great day from your past and consider which of your values were represented. I bet it was a few of them.

So it’s important to give thought to what our values are and how we can make them more prominent in our day-to-day lives. For example, using my five values above, I can make them prominent in my life by taking action on them: learning something (curiosity), making something (creativity), daydreaming or brainstorming (imagination), checking in with my inner wisdom (intuition), and enjoying a fine meal (sensuality).

What are your top 5-10 values? How would you like to express them with actions? How often can you commit to taking those actions?

Set and live your values for more satisfaction in your life.


Posted by: Cathy | February 4, 2019

Lunar New Year: Earth Pig

Tomorrow we enter the year of the Earth Pig or Boar!

In Chinese astrology, there are 12 animals and 5 elements. Each rotate and combine; last year was the Earth Dog, and I was born in the Fire Snake year. If you’re more familiar with western astrology, the Pig corresponds to Scorpio.

The Earth Pig is sociable, thoughtful, fair, hard-working, responsible, loyal, and a bit conservative.

Consider how you fit with the Earth Pig energy, or Scorpio energy if that’s more familiar to you – is it a natural state or a challenge for you? Can you learn something from her to help you on your path? How would the Earth Pig deal with a challenge you’re facing right now?

Be aware of the energy of the year and how it interacts with your personal energy. How can it help or hinder you and your goals for 2019?


As I said on Monday, we’re in the thick of winter, and winter energy is slow. No matter what you accomplished this month, celebrate it!

Focus on your “wins” and don’t judge yourself for shortcomings. “Shortcomings” are inherently a judgment, viewing yourself as coming up “short” against your plan. View it more as tasks to reschedule, without judgment. Evaluate the tasks you didn’t complete, ponder why you didn’t complete them, and see what you could do differently next month; use it as a learning experience and take the good from the lessons.

Focus on what you want to manifest, not what you didn’t complete. Do what you can do today or tomorrow and forget about yesterday. And most importantly, celebrate what you did complete, no matter how small! By taking time to recognize your accomplishments, you create positive momentum to keep moving forward.

Posted by: Cathy | January 28, 2019

Use Winter Energy to Move Forward

We’re in the thick of winter in the northern hemisphere. It’s a season of contraction and rest. Notice how you respond to the energy of winter, how it affects your choices, and whether you are choosing consciously or reacting instinctively.

Some people jump into the new year with big plans and goals, only to find their energy waning by the end of January. If this is you, notice … is it just the contraction of winter energy slowing your progress, or could you better articulate your goals and action plans to improve your progress? If you feel slow but really want to make progress, what part of winter energy could you tap into to help? (E.g., getting more sleep, taking action when the sun is high, doing research or planning work rather than something very active.)

Don’t resist winter energy, dig into it and find a way to work with it, whether that means resting and dreaming or tweaking. Taking mindful steps makes them more sure and sustainable, any time of year.

Posted by: Cathy | January 23, 2019

What is your muse’s intention for 2019?

If you’ve set an intention or a resolution for 2019, did you also pause to ask what your muse would say? What is your muse’s intention for 2019?

She might want a stronger relationship with you. She might want to try a new creative style or medium. She surely has an opinion and would love to tell you about it.

By staying in conversation with your creative muse, you keep the flow of creativity and passion moving. Flexing your imagination in new ways, like imagining these conversations, keeps your creativity active and front-of-mind. In moments when you can’t work on your projects, you can still pause for a cup of tea and have a short call with your muse. Ask how she’s doing, what she thinks, and what advice she has for you.

Invite your muse to participate in your creative planning and brainstorming! You may be delighted and inspired by her comments!


Posted by: Cathy | January 21, 2019

What kind of world do you want to live in?

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day in the U.S., and I invite you to think about your dreams today. Not just what you hope to accomplish this year, but what kind of world you want to live in.

How we live our days is how we live our lives, and you can infuse each day with more of the energy of your ideal world by making conscious choices. It’s not easy, but it’s important to live your values and priorities. The more energy you put into them, the more strength they gain and the more other people can become inspired to follow your lead.

What kind of world do you want to live in?
How is that vision reflected in your values and priorities?
How can you infuse your day-to-day life with more of that energy?

Live the dream and share it with others.

Posted by: Cathy | January 16, 2019

Defuse Your Fear this Year

What is your biggest fear this year?

By anticipating something that could block you, you give yourself time to prepare a positive response rather than just react unconsciously when it pops up. Really look at your biggest fear for the new year and get curious about what you might be able to do about it.

* What emotional stuff do you need to process to unpack the fear?
* What abilities can you strengthen to counteract the fear?
* What tools or resources could help you against the fear?
* Who could you ask for help or support?

Defuse your fear in the new year and move forward on your dreams and goals with confidence.

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