Posted by: Cathy | March 18, 2020

Happy Spring Equinox

Tomorrow is the spring equinox! The day and night are equal length. Take a few moments today to reflect on your life: how you feel about spring energy, and what is balanced or imbalanced in your life lately.

How do you feel about spring energy? Are you eager for spring, or do you want more time to hibernate in winter? We all have personal seasons, and those may cycle differently than the cycles around us in nature. Notice your personal season and honor it.

What is balanced in your life lately? What is going well or feels good?
What is imbalanced in your life lately? What could you change to move more toward balance?

Also, what do you want to experience this spring? Think about your favorite spring things and be sure to enjoy them over the next three months; fresh asparagus, walks in the park, gardening, bird-watching, etc.


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