Posted by: Cathy | February 12, 2020

Use all 6 senses in your creative practice

This Valentine’s season, bring all of your senses into your creative practice with the exercises in my ebooklet, Six Sensual Creativity: Intuitive Art and Writing using all 6 Senses [$0, $5 value]

Intuitive art is a way to express yourself with the subconscious mind, as opposed to the conscious mind.

For example, with the conscious mind, you might try to draw a tree. You try to represent the tree in an authentic or abstract way, depending on your style, but your objective is to make an impression of the tree. Your subject is the tree.

With intuitive art, we don’t know what will come up, through, or out of our session. We let our subconscious be the conductor and we don’t have a subject or an objective! We are only trying to do something creative, to show up and allow something creative to happen.

In this way, we try to skirt around expectations, preconceptions, and goal-orientation. This allows your conscious mind to take a break, and hopefully also quiets your inner critic for a while.

Intuitive art is really about creativity in its most raw form.
Just show up and allow something creative to happen.

However, many people aren’t used to doing that! So I have put together these six exercises to help give your intuitive art a little structure as you get used to showing up and allowing something creative to happen.

In this free booklet, I share my Four Steps for Intuitive Art and give you six exercises (one for each of the five senses plus your sixth sense) to bring some sensuality to your creative practices.

Download the booklet here!

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