Posted by: Cathy | February 10, 2020

Six weeks in, what is stopping you on your intention?

We are six weeks into the year and I invite you to check in:

Are you making progress on your intention for the year?
What resistance or obstacles are coming up?
What is stopping you on your intention?

Never did the course of true love run smooth, and never did a New Year’s intention go off without a hitch. By noticing what is tripping you up, you can tweak your process and build up immunity to those problems. Other problems will arise, and you can check in again in six more weeks, rinse, and repeat.

For me personally, I’ve had difficulty focusing and maintaining my daily routines. Routines are there to help me mindfully build the kind of day and life I want to have, so I’m recommitting to my routines and will try to see what is tripping them up, then tweak them if necessary.

It isn’t the absence of problems that allows us to succeed, but in overcoming those problems and continuing forward.

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