Posted by: Cathy | February 3, 2020

Discomfort is part of the creative process

Discomfort is a natural reaction when we try to move out of our comfort zones.

It may express itself as fear, procrastination, or avoidance, because we need to expand our capacity to deal with things beyond familiar habits. Dealing with the new or exciting requires energy and attention, which we may not have to spare if we are busy, stressed, or tired.

When you feel discomfort with something you want to do, first pause and notice if you need to do a self-care practice to replenish some energy or mental attention. Then get curious about your discomfort; what is the situation asking from you? Are you trying something new? Do you need to learn something or gain a new skill to complete it?

Discomfort is just asking more from us than we are used to giving. If it’s for a creative project, it is worth listening to so we can move forward. Work with your discomfort so you can grow as an artist.

“Understanding discomfort as part of the creative process can transform it from something that extinguishes your creative passion into something that ignites it.” Gina Edwards (article: Discomfort as Creative Fuel)


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