Posted by: Cathy | January 29, 2020

Celebrate your accomplishments this month, no matter how small

We’re in the thick of winter, and winter energy is slow. No matter what you accomplished this month, celebrate it!

Focus on your “wins” and don’t judge yourself for shortcomings. “Shortcomings” are inherently a judgment, viewing yourself as coming up “short” against your plan. View it more as tasks to reschedule, without judgment. Evaluate the tasks you didn’t complete, ponder why you didn’t complete them, and see what you could do differently next month; use it as a learning experience and take the good from the lessons.

Focus on what you want to manifest, not what you didn’t complete. Do what you can do today or tomorrow and forget about yesterday. And most importantly, celebrate what you did complete, no matter how small! By taking time to recognize your accomplishments, you create positive momentum to keep moving forward.

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