Posted by: Cathy | January 20, 2020

Your Muse’s 2020 Vision

If you’ve set an intention or a resolution for 2020, did you also pause to ask what your muse would say? What is your muse’s vision for 2020?

She might want a stronger relationship with you. She might want to try a new creative style or medium. She surely has an opinion and would love to tell you about it.

By staying in conversation with your creative muse, you keep the flow of creativity and passion moving. Flexing your imagination in new ways, like imagining these conversations, keeps your creativity active and front-of-mind. In moments when you can’t work on your projects, you can still pause for a cup of tea and have a short call with your muse. Ask how she’s doing, what she thinks, and what advice she has for you.

Invite your muse to participate in your creative planning and brainstorming! You may be delighted and inspired by her comments!


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