Posted by: Cathy | January 13, 2020

Nine Types of Rest

Did you know there are at least nine types of rest?

The list below comes from Stephanie Barron Hall, an Enneagram (personality typing system) expert, who assigned each type with its own brand of rest.

Nine Types of Rest
1. Time away
2. Permission to not be helpful
3. Something “unproductive””
4. Connection to art and nature
5. Solitude to recharge
6. A break from responsibility
7. Stillness to decompress
8. Safe space
9. Alone time at home

I identify with type four, The Individualist, so “connection to art and nature” is a great brand of rest for me. I feel rejuvenated when I spend time doing art or walking in nature.

Which type(s) of rest resonate with you? Come up with your own list of favorite types of rest to help you when you need a self-care break. Having some “back-pocket strategies” at the ready will help you get what you need when you need it no matter how stressed or distracted you are.

Begin the new year feeling rested to tackle your goals by exploring your favorite types of rest.

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