Posted by: Cathy | January 1, 2020

Start the New Year Building your Creative Health

Do you have creative ideas but have trouble implementing them?

Are you frustrated with or blocked on your creative projects?

Do you want to get more creative projects done?

I’ve struggled all my life to get my creative work done; mostly because of working a day-job, which limits my time and energy for creative pursuits. And yet, my creative interests don’t go away, they get stronger and the urge to do them gets louder! How can we move around what is stopping us to get our creative work done?

In my complementary Creativity Health Plan coaching session, we will:

* Examine your primary creativity dis-ease and how it plays out in your life
* Map out one or more action items to create positive change
* Inspire and motivate you to set boundaries and take action

And it’s free of charge!

When you register for a Creativity Health Plan, we will work together to schedule your 30-45 minute session at a time that’s convenient for both of us. I’ll send you a short survey for you to complete in advance to help me frame our conversation. Also, be sure to take my Creativity Health Assessment quiz and mark down your primary creativity dis-ease, which we will also discuss in your session. I will follow up with you via email one week after our call to see how you’re doing.

Our creative work is important. We suffer by avoiding our creative work, and the only way to stop suffering is to address what is holding us back.

You don’t need to live with creativity dis-ease(s); I can help support you!

Contact me now to schedule your complementary Creativity Health Plan session! What do you have to lose?


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