Posted by: Cathy | September 4, 2019

Center Before you Stretch

If you practice yoga, you know that, before you can stretch up or out, you need to have a firm foundation in your legs and core. You need to get grounded and centered before you stretch.

Just so, to take a big step forward in your life or toward a goal, you need to get grounded first.

It helps to have some self-care practices that help you feel grounded and centered so you can whip them out whenever you need them. Some habits help you zone out but that is avoidance and not grounding. You want some practices to help bring you home to yourself, like journaling, yoga, meditation, art, prayer, etc. Think about what kind of practice you enjoy and be sure you’re doing it at least a few times per week.

Then each day before you tackle your goals, notice if you feel grounded or not. If yes, great, go get ’em! If not, take a few minutes to do one of your grounding practices. This is why a morning practice is so good for you; it builds in your grounding work so you can take on whatever the day brings from a strong foundation.

Do you feel grounded and centered? What are some of your favorite practices to get grounded?

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