Posted by: Cathy | August 19, 2019

Honesty leads to Originality

When you’re looking to live a more authentic life or find your artistic style/voice, the secret is honesty.

When you’re being honest with yourself, you’re in touch with your real emotions and values, and better able to express them in constructive ways. Honesty helps you set healthy boundaries and filter what you want and don’t want in your life. It gives you a container to build an authentic and original life.

Within this container, you can slowly become more fearless. When you are comfortable expressing your real emotions and values, you become less worried about what other people think. Then, you can make art honestly and your authentic/original voice and style will emerge.

A tool to strengthen your honesty is journaling. Give yourself a safe space to explore your real emotions and values. Dig into what you think and feel, and practice expressing yourself. The more you practice being honest with yourself, the easier it will be for you to be original and authentic with others.

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