Posted by: Cathy | August 12, 2019

Transform tension with intention

When you feel stress, you probably feel tension in your body; tight shoulders, a knot in your stomach, etc. You can transform tension with intention. You can release tension with your practices of intention.

Tension is potential energy; your shoulders get tight because you are physically bracing against something. The trick is to take mindful action to diffuse the potential energy.

Both “intention” and “tension” come from the Latin word for stretching (tensio). Intention is to stretch towards something, to apply your will or thoughts in a certain direction. By setting an intention, you give yourself direction for releasing the potential energy. You can do this with any constructive activity, like mindful breath, yoga, taking a walk, journaling, meditation, prayer, art-making, etc.

By combining an intention with action, you can transform your tension. What could you do right now to diffuse some tension?


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