Posted by: Cathy | July 10, 2019

Scale back for a busy summer

I mentioned last week that I don’t want to take on too much this summer, so I’m making time for fun art projects but I don’t want to commit to anything requiring higher mental function right now. I have a new boyfriend as of late March, and I’d rather spend time with him hiking and listening to music rather than sitting at my desk working on writing projects. That’s a value call that I’m making right now, so I’m consciously scaling back on my writing goals.

My writing project is still important to me, but right now it’s more important for me to spend time with my boyfriend. It’s not de-valuing my writing, just de-prioritizing it, for now. When autumn comes and I’ll naturally want to spend more time indoors, I think it will feel more natural to return to my novel project. Until then, I’m giving myself permission to put it off for a few more weeks.

If your summer social calendar is filling up, decide for yourself what you’d rather prioritize. Just know that by choosing one thing, you’re putting something else on the back-burner. There’s nothing wrong with that, but choose consciously so you can do it without guilt.

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