Posted by: Cathy | March 11, 2019

Are you aware of your influencers?

We are always co-creating our lives. The people close to you, now or from your past, have influenced you in certain ways, and some of them subconsciously impact what you do today and tomorrow. Other people we see at a distance could inspire or trigger us (artists, politicians, drivers on the highway). Everything you create, from a poem to a painting to a plate of food for dinner, has influences you may not be conscious of.

Conscious creativity helps you notice these influences so you can be mindful of what is going on behind the scenes and you can choose what you want to keep or release.

  • When you have a fight with a loved one, you can consciously use that energy in a creative project to help it move through you.
  • When something wonderful happens, you can consciously use that inspiration and joy in your work.
  • When you’re confused, you can even use that consciously to explore what you’re feeling and uncover something to help you move forward.

Practice becoming aware of what is influencing you and decide if you want to use it or lose it.



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