Posted by: Cathy | December 31, 2018

Q1 mini-goal, what do you want to create?

I like to do my annual planning quarter by quarter. This way, I can make course-corrections as the year progresses and not feel behind on my overall goals.

For example, Q4 had a personal set-back, but I successfully finished Inktober and started a new daily creative challenge. I also finally worked through a problem that had me stuck on my novel revision and was able to move ahead again. Plus, I had a great vacation in Rome again, as always (it was my 8th time there!), and I’m growing my Italian language skills a little every day.

So now, I can recalibrate and set a new goal for the first quarter, January through March. This gives me a fresh start and I can focus on what I can do today and tomorrow and not what I didn’t do yesterday. I want to take another watercolor painting class online, and I bought an art project/lesson bundle in November and already marked 26 of the 100 classes I want to do and “scheduled” them throughout the new year; I want to complete two per month. I’ve been having such great momentum on my art that I decided to focus on it in January and let my novel rest until February, when I will continue my novel revision.

Now it’s your turn: looking forward for the next three months, what is a mini-goal you want to set for yourself? It can be a subset of a larger goal, or it can be a stand-alone goal. Try to focus on only 3-5 mini-goals at a time, one for each priority area of your life for the year. For example, you might have a fitness mini-goal, a creativity mini-goal, and an education mini-goal. What do you want to create for yourself in Q1?


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