Posted by: Cathy | December 17, 2018

What affirmations could have helped you this year?

Thinking back over the year, what do you wish you knew earlier? Write those statements as affirmations to help you next year.

For example, one lesson I learned the hard way is that, when my writing is stuck, I need to do something different. I was stuck wondering how to fix two boring chapters in my novel, but I finally decided after months of not knowing how to do that to just throw out those chapters (over 2,000 words!) and start over. I was sad to lose any of the words I had written, but I knew they weren’t serving the story, and finally cutting them out allowed me to make progress and gain momentum on my revision. So my affirmation in this case could be, “When I am stuck, I do what needs to be done and make a change.”

Think about points where you were stuck this year and what you learned or what advice would have helped you move through the problem. Then write some personal affirmations for yourself to capture the wisdom and help your future self recover maybe faster if you encounter a similar problem.

What affirmations could have helped you this year?


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