Posted by: Cathy | November 14, 2018

Did You Outgrow Any Goals This Year?

What were your goals at the beginning of the year? If you didn’t accomplish something, don’t judge yourself but instead get curious. Why didn’t that goal work out for you? Were you lacking a resource? Were you struggling to prioritize it? Or did you outgrow it?

As we grow and change, we may carry old goals as a habit or from being stubborn. A goal may have appealed to you in January, but maybe it doesn’t fit for who you are now, today. It’s okay to release something that you used to want. Save your energy for what is important to you today.

If you still feel a twinge of longing, you’ll know you’re not done with it yet and can reevaluate the goal or how you could go about attaining it. But if you feel guilt or sadness, that’s just lingering, superficial attachment. Do some journaling, meditation, or prayer, and release it.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes, and what fits you today maybe didn’t fit you last year or won’t fit next year, and that’s just fine. Right-size goals will keep you busy enough; release the ones you’ve outgrown!


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