Posted by: Cathy | November 12, 2018

Raise your Standards

Cheryl Richardson: “Where you are is where you begin, but you can always increase your standard of living.”

As we’re beginning to wind down the year, I invite you to reflect on how 2018 went for you. Were your standards and expectations met? Did you even have standards and expectations?

As you grow and change, your standards and expectations should naturally increase. You outgrow the old stuff, but you may be so used to it that you forget to ask for better. When you expect better, you generally get better.

Examine your values and see how they translate into your standards; where are you willing to compromise or not? Then, as you’re raising your standards, look for good examples and focus on growing those; don’t dwell on the negative, just focus on what you can improve. Magnify the good.

Raise your standards and begin the new year on a positive footing.



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