Posted by: Cathy | September 17, 2018

“You could choose to believe that life is easy”

“Let life be easy” journal page by CV Carpenter

We make hundreds of choices every day; what to wear, what to eat, what to say. Some choices influence other choices; for example, if you want to go for a run in the afternoon, you might choose to have a light lunch. Other choices are foundational to our day-to-day experience; for example, if you start your day with intention, you will have an easier time doing what is important to you and attaining your goals.

One of these foundational choices I am trying to borrow from author and coach Cheryl Richardson. She says, “You could choose to believe that life is easy” rather than a struggle.

How would your day be different if you chose to believe that life is easy?

For me, it looks like trusting more in the universe; giving myself permission to relax and not know all the answers. When I’m not trying to think my way through everything, I am more aware of the present moment and can make more conscious choices.

Of course, this isn’t easy, to choose that life is easy! Right now, I still have a lingering cough from a cold I had last week. It hasn’t been easy to get over this cold, but I can take some echinacea and choose ease, trusting that my cough will go away soon.

Notice the choices you make each day and examine whether they are serving you or not. Wouldn’t it serve you to believe that life is easy? Give it a try.


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