Posted by: Cathy | September 12, 2018

You work through a writing problem by writing

Newsflash: You work through a writing problem by writing. I discovered this by myself, and then rediscovered it, and I have a feeling I’ll keep rediscovering it.

Typical blocked behaviors include avoiding, complaining, over-thinking, over-eating, etc. These behaviors do not help you work through a creative problem. A creative problem isn’t a problem with your creativity; it is a problem with what you think or feel about your creativity. The problem is in your mind. The way to solve the problem is to push your thoughts or feelings aside and get back into the creative project.

For example, I’ve been stuck on my novel for about two months now. Part of it was unavoidable, day-to-day distractions; we all go through periods like that occasionally. But I used those as an excuse to continue avoiding my project. I need to add a subplot to some middle chapters in my novel and my brain wants to figure it out before I begin writing; however, if I just sit down and start doing a free-write, I think a great idea will eventually come to me. For some reason, I’m resisting the free-write because my mind wants to hold the illusion of control over the project. And yet I’m not making any progress while my mind is in “control” because the block is in my mind.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

So you work through a writing problem by writing. You work through a creative problem by being more creative. Finding a solution to your block requires creativity.



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