Posted by: Cathy | September 10, 2018

Trick Yourself into Creative Time

Sometimes, we just need a little nudge to get started. You can trick yourself into doing your creative projects.

When you have trouble getting to a blank page for art or writing, have some tiny exercises in your “back pocket” to open the door and show up. You can commit to only 5 minutes and then see if you’ve tricked yourself into doing more.

For example, on my fiction writing, I like to begin a writing session by writing in my fiction journal. I got this idea from author KM Weiland. The journal lets you capture thoughts about your story or your process, vent your frustrations, and most importantly transition into fiction writing time. Sometimes when I wasn’t feeling inspired, I would make myself write in my fiction journal about why I wasn’t going to do my writing session that day, and then I ended up doing my session anyway because writing in my journal opened the door to my session.

Similarly for visual art, you could commit to just doing one aspect of a project, say outlining your subject for a drawing or painting. Once you open the door for 5-10 minutes, you might feel content with what you got done for the day or you might get into a rhythm and move on to the next aspect of your project.

Whatever your artform, think about a practice like my writing journal that would help you open the door on a creativity session. Make that practice required every day and notice if it helps you get more done in a week than you did before. Then let me know how it’s going! I’d love to know your creative practices and how they help open the door.



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