Posted by: Cathy | September 5, 2018

Watch Your Mouth, Affirmations are Everywhere

I had a terrible realization the other day. Saying “I get angry in traffic” is an affirmation.

My commute to my day-job is only about 8 miles each way, but it’s all on an over-crowded, under-construction interstate. Whenever I’m stuck in traffic, it seems like everyone left their brains behind and they do some dumb, if not straight-up dangerous, things. I get extremely frustrated by other drivers’ idiocy and inconsideration. And I’m not angel, I’ve had stupid moments too.

However, identifying as someone who gets angry in traffic makes me more likely to get angry in traffic. I’m trying to use a deliberate affirmation, something like, “All the drivers in my vicinity are competent and friendly,” but that isn’t often my experience. Which isn’t surprising, because as soon as I get on the highway on-ramp, I start looking out for idiots. I’m focusing on everyone’s short-comings.

I need to start looking at the competent drivers I’m taking for granted! I need to start saying thanks to every driver who stays in their lane, keeps up with traffic flow, and isn’t talking on their phone or pressing buttons on their GPS. By focusing on the competent drivers, I will attract more competent drivers around me.

Watch what you say to yourself. Affirmations are everywhere. If you say anything along the lines of “I get angry in traffic,” “I hate airports,” “I’m not good at math,” “I always lose my keys,” “I can’t parallel park,” “I’m never good with liquid eyeliner,” etc., etc., stop saying that to yourself! Stay open and receptive, and see if you can change your experience.



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