Posted by: Cathy | August 15, 2018

Dream + Reality = Creativity with a Plan

“The dreamer rejects reality, the realist rejects the dream, and the artist embraces both dream and reality.” Eric Maisel

I was just reading “Becoming a Writer” by Dorothea Brande and she talks about this too, that “creative writing is a function of the whole man. The unconscious must flow freely and richly, bringing at demand all the treasures of memory, all the emotions, incidents, scenes, intimations of character and relationship which it has stored away in its depths; the conscious mind must control, combine, and discriminate between these materials without hampering the unconscious flow.”

I’m in the revision/editing phase of my novel and it’s not going as smoothly as the writing did, although part of that can be attributed to lapses in my outline before I even began to write my draft. The “unconscious” part was more fun, and I’m trying not to get mired down by the “conscious” part and keep moving it forward.

Creativity is the dream working with reality, or the dream can never become tangible; just as the novel is the first-draft plus the editing process, or the draft won’t stand the harsh light of day.

Back to the Maisel quote, I prefer the dream but I can also handle reality. I have the most fun with reality when it is in service to the dream! For instance, making my trips to Italia a reality.

What about you, where are you on the Dream-Reality spectrum?


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