Posted by: Cathy | August 6, 2018

All creative energy inspires all other creative energy

I believe that all creative energy inspires all other creative energy.

This is why artists do many different mediums; and how artists get inspiration and in turn inspire others.

When I’m in flow with my fiction writing, it’s easier for me to get started on a random sketch or think up a new recipe for dinner.

The stream of inspiration is all one; there isn’t one stream for writing and one for painting, etc. Writing or painting is what comes out after the inspiration comes in; like speaking in English or Italian, the sounds and shapes are a little different but they’re both expressing an idea.

Here are three ways to take in inspiration:
1. Go look at beautiful pieces of art or nature. Really focus on something beautiful and wonder about it.

2. Relax, daydream, let your brain get soft and fuzzy. A soft brain is more receptive and ideas will gently land on you like butterflies when you are still.

3. Fake it ’til you make it. Sketch whatever is in front of you, or write a poem about your cat. By showing up day in, day out, even doing “little” or “boring” projects, you grease the creative wheels inside you and will build up to more inspired projects.

Let yourself be inspired and use it as fuel to make your own creative inspirations. What inspires you today?


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