Posted by: Cathy | July 11, 2018

“Overworking is Compensating for a Lack of Focus”

“Overworking is compensating for a lack of focus.” Robert Holden

I’m sure at some point or another, you had a busy day where you felt like you were running around from one thing to another at the mercy of “fires” popping up. Hopefully, those type of days are rare. If you’re having too many of them, you should stop and refocus.

Even the best day planned with intention is subject to emergencies or the unexpected, but you can’t and shouldn’t live your life only dealing with emergencies (unless you work as an EMT or medical professional!).

Here are three kinds of focus that can help you avoid overworking or dreaded busy work:

1. Focus on your priorities: Try to schedule your top priority action in the morning or first half of the day. That reduces the amount of unexpected events that can pop up to take you off track.

2. Focus on your breath: When you are assaulted by the unexpected, take a time out to just breathe for a minute. When you are calm, check in and see, is this really urgent? Can it wait until later, or can I ask someone for help with it? Don’t just blindly accept responsibility for unexpected things that blow into your sphere.

3. Focus on quick wins: Author Jennifer Louden has something she calls “conditions of enoughness.” Not everything needs to be perfect, and these conditions of enoughness help you determine what is acceptable to you so you don’t do more than you need to when you are busy or overwhelmed. Sometimes, it’s okay to half-*ss a thing. Notice what you can do minimally and what really needs your full attention.

Work smarter and not harder by using focus.



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