Posted by: Cathy | June 25, 2018

Two Kinds of Imbalance

There are good kinds of imbalance and less-productive kinds. Today I’ll talk about one of each.

When you are pushing your own boundaries and trying something new or challenging, that is the very definition of being off-center; you are trekking a new path in uncharted ground. You’re learning tons about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. It can feel good but also overwhelming, so take care to pace yourself and rest occasionally.

When other people are making demands on you, whether you’re ready to step up or not, you are also off-center. Someone is trying to push you to do something. Whether you do it or not is your choice depending on the situation, your capabilities, and your values.

Both of these scenarios are uncomfortable but one is active and one is passive.

If you are being pushed off balance, you can decide how you handle it. If you need to take action, you can reframe the problem and make it about pulling yourself forward rather than being pushed. Take back your power, set boundaries to protect yourself, and move forward from your center rather than letting someone push you off-balance.


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