Posted by: Cathy | June 18, 2018

Being Level-headed

The goal for personal balance is to be level-headed most of the time. It’s fine to go high and low, but aim to rest somewhere in the middle.

If you’re trying to go-go-go all the time, you’ll burn out. If you don’t go enough, you won’t get anywhere. It’s good to reach some days and really rest other days, but most days you’ll want a balanced approach of work and recovery.

Sometimes it’s fun to have a bunch of great things happen at once, and we know that bad things come in threes; but too much good all the time will lead to complacency and too much bad will stress you out.

Notice swings like these when they happen in your life and make time to get back to level-headedness.

  • If you’re go-go-go, schedule a vacation.
  • If you don’t go enough, plan a focused project weekend.
  • If you’re enjoying great things, take a timeout to process and reflect.
  • If you’re swamped with bad things, give yourself a self-care day.

Encouraging level-headedness in your life can help you get more balanced.

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