Posted by: Cathy | June 13, 2018

Opt for Optimal

I remember a while ago listening to a talk that Dr. Christiane Northrup gave and she was talking about the difference between the “Recommended Dietary Allowance” (RDA, the average daily amount of a vitamin suggested to meet the nutrient requirements of a healthy person) versus what is optimal.

What is optimal is different for different people depending on your personal situation. I want to suggest you use this idea of doing what is optimal vs what you “should” do.

We hear all around the dangers of “shoulds”, that those are based on someone else’s ideas or values, which make us feel obligated. By considering what is optimal, we take the obligation and someone else’s good/bad judgment out of the equation and see what helps us thrive or flounder.

By considering what is optimal, we invite a glimpse of the future into our decision-making; we look at the benefits or consequences of the action.

Is it optimal to do a favor for someone if you resent being asked?
Is it optimal to have a big lunch if you need to finish something for a 3p deadline?
Is it optimal to accept an 8:30a meeting if you prefer to start your day with solo tasks?

Ask yourself what would be optimal for you today, and use that vision to guide your planning. Opt for optimal!


  1. This is excellent. Optimal. Would make an excellent speech at TOI!!!!
    Really grabbed me!

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