Posted by: Cathy | June 11, 2018

Focus Management

I got this concept of “Focus Management” from author Jessica Abel.

One of our most important resources as creative people is our ability to focus, so we should pay attention to how we manage our focus like we would manage our time, money, or other precious resources.

To begin focus management, we need to first understand the conditions under which we can focus. By noticing what time of day we work best, what foods nourish us or take away our energy, and by which kinds of tasks come more naturally to us or which need more effort, we can see our natural parameters to manage our focus.

For one week, take notes on your ability to focus, checking in throughout the day.
* When during the day are you more productive?
* Do you do more quality work when you drink coffee, tea, or green smoothies?
* Are you useless after a big lunch? What kind of lunch helps you get more done in the afternoon?
* When you’re feeling alert, what type of task is the best use of that time?

Take notes and notice patterns, then play with different elements to test your focus and sharpen your understanding of how you best focus. Then once you have a week’s worth of empirical data, try to plan your weeks using what you’ve learned to boost your focus management and get more of your important creative work done!

What do you already know about how you focus? Tell me in the comments.


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