Posted by: Cathy | June 6, 2018

Playing with Project Timeframes

First, I must draw your attention to the fact that this is my 800th blog post! I’m really proud of this achievement and I hope you’re enjoying what I’m writing!

Today, I want to talk about a thought that occurred to me. For long projects, especially self-directed work without a firm deadline, it can be difficult to wrap your mind around your timeframe. So I was thinking, if you scaled 365 days to one 24-hour day, each day of the year would compare to about 4 minutes (or 15 days per “hour”).

I think that this model for considering a timeframe on a project can be really helpful. To continue the analogy, we spend around 1/3 of our day sleeping. On a big project, you need to include downtime and self-care. That would compare to 121 days of rest, or about 2 1/3 days off per week! (Ergo, take your weekends off!!)

That leaves 2/3 of your time (244 days) for work. You could break that out into guidelines for different phases of your project. For example, 1 hour of daily planning would equate to 15 days, which you could break out into 4 days per quarter. 2 hours for “meals” could equate to 30 days of “nourishing” your project, perhaps with education or research. 8 hours of actual work would be 120 days of steady progress on your action items. 1 hour of “commuting to work” could be 15 days focusing on systems for your progress, original setting up of systems and reviewing them for efficiencies. That leaves 4 other hours in your “day” you could customize for your own needs.

For a big timeframe, try playing with different models to focus your time and give yourself a structure in which to work.



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