Posted by: Cathy | May 28, 2018

Track Your Progress

One way to help keep momentum on a project is to track your progress. You can do this in a number of ways.

1. Try keeping a simple calendar and marking off days with pen or stickers when you make progress on your project. Having a visual record can help you work on “streaks” of progress to keep plugging along each day.

2. Try posting your progress weekly or even daily on social media. Post update photos every Monday for visual art projects or post your word count or other milestones for projects that don’t lend themselves well to photos. Having friends and family “like” your posts and ask you about your project in conversation can help boost your momentum.

3. Try keeping a progress grid or map. A grid can be something like a tube you color in as your progress grows. A map can be a path of your action steps and you move a marker along as you complete each step. Seeing your progress manifest over time can help you keep moving when you have a challenging day and wonder if anything is happening.

4. Try keeping a progress journal. I use a writing journal for multiple reasons. First, it helps me transition from “normal time” to “writing time” when I start my writing session with a short journal entry. Second, it gives me an outlet for any frustration or disappointments in my project, and a venue to brainstorm solutions. Third, it provides a historical record I can refer to on a future project to remind me how I worked through problems.

There are probably many other ways to track your progress. The important thing is to try one and use it. What is your favorite way?



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