Posted by: Cathy | April 16, 2018

Plant Yourself

To make your dreams come true, it helps to plant yourself. Commit to one thing at a time, then focus on that one thing, taking action toward it, until it’s completed.

A cherry pit has all the instructions to eventually become a cherry tree. It can’t one day become a lemon tree. Similarly, you probably know inside you what you authentically are, and trying to become an accountant instead could be agony if it’s not who you authentically are. (Nothing against accountants! But I hope they all know in their bones that they should be accountants and not doing something else.)

And a cherry pit doesn’t need to know how to become a cherry tree. By staying true to itself, it happens naturally. It receives sun and rain and grows bit by bit.

I believe your job is to grow into your authentic, creative self bit by bit like the cherry tree. Each little creative project you do helps you grow. It doesn’t matter if the project is “successful” or not. It’s about the process, and your commitment to plant yourself and see what kind of tree you are.



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