Posted by: Cathy | April 9, 2018

Addicted to the Unimportant

Something attracts you to the less-important, non-creative stuff if you are choosing that instead of your creative work. You get some kind of payoff or you wouldn’t choose it.

Personally, there was a time recently where I was kind of addicted to online Mahjongg solitaire. I would feel stress at my day-job and play a “quick” game of Mahjongg to clear my head and disconnect from whatever was stressing me out, but then the game became a crutch. I could have chosen instead to do a short meditation or take a tea break, which would have been a more healthy way to disconnect from the stress, but I work on a computer so it was easier to take a “break” with an online game. After a few weeks of turning to Mahjongg, I felt reliant on the game to clear my head and one day I realized how much time I was wasting on it and I said this has got to stop. I quit it cold turkey. At first it was helping me change mental gears, but it was giving me a false sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. My goal this year is not to become a Mahjongg champion! And yet I was investing a lot of my precious time into it and getting little in return, nothing of importance.

This is why a time audit can be so helpful (I have a free Time Audit ebook here), to notice where your time is going and make more mindful choices aligned with your priorities.

Are you addicted to something unimportant? Break free, take back your time, and do something nourishing instead. When your well is full, you will have more time and energy to give your creative projects.



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