Posted by: Cathy | April 2, 2018

Spring Forward your Creativity

Spring is a physical embodiment of abundance: fresh air, clean rain, green grass, budding trees and flowers, baby animals.

Consider how you can harness the energy of Spring for your creative pursuits. Here are some ideas:

  • Look for signs of spring in your neighborhood and use them as inspiration for a short creative project.
  • Spring-clean your art and craft supplies. Throw out old dry paints. Inventory what you have and what you’d like to use in the coming months. Look for things you could repurpose and give new life, or donate to someone who would love to play with things that no longer call to you.
  • Freshen your creative skills and go back to basics with a free challenge online (sketching, photography, poetry, using a word-of-the-day in a scene, etc.).
  • Learn something new. Try a free technique video on YouTube or sign up for a class.
  • Flashback to your childhood and play with a medium you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe invite a kid you know for an art date.

Nature is a primal creative force and can be a great source of creative inspiration. Let spring inspire you and move your creativity forward!

If you have other spring-themed creative ideas, share them in the comments.


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