Posted by: Cathy | March 26, 2018

Face Everything And Rise (FEAR)

Recently an acquaintance told me this acronym for “FEAR”: Face Everything And Rise.

In January, I told you my theory that fears are tied to weaknesses, “Anytime you feel fear, it is showing you a place of weakness or limitation. In order to overcome your fear, look at the weakness tied to it. Anything that is limiting you is tied to a fear somewhere.”

Fears keep you small and unempowered, and I really like the imagery in this phrase, Face Everything And Rise. To rise above your fear, you need to face it. Fears are opportunities for growth, but you need to take action.

Think of one fear or one area where you feel unempowered. What would you need to do to face it? How would it feel to rise above it? Give it some thought and prepare yourself to take action, so you can Face Everything (one at a time) And Rise.


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