Posted by: Cathy | March 14, 2018

Systems to support your art: Evening routine

Routines help you cultivate behaviors you want more of. If you want to get fit, you need to create a fitness routine. If you want to have a daily writing practice, you need to create a writing routine.

If you want to create more time in your schedule, it helps to create an evening routine.

An intentional evening routine can help you relax and detach from the activity from the day, process your experiences, and prepare for a good night’s sleep, to set you up for a positive morning.

An effective evening routine looks different for everyone. The best way to design one for yourself is to think about what healthy practices you want to incorporate into your day. Then build a plan to incorporate these practices.

For example, when I get home from work, I greet my pets and take off my work clothes. I put on some fitness clothes and set up my yoga mat. Stretching is a great way to release tension, and yoga in particular helps you notice your breath and ground your energy. Then I take a shower, and then I make a simple dinner. After dinner, I do a writing practice that I call “integration,” processing what happened or didn’t happen that day and releasing it.

Another key part of my evening routine is my “Tech No” hour. An hour before I want to be in bed, I need to turn off all devices (phone, computer, television, e-reader, anything that gives off screen light) and let my eyes relax. Some nights, I even switch to candlelight during “Tech No” to give my eyes even more rest, and some nights I get bored with no devices and even go to bed early! But there are lots of things you can do without tech: use the time to journal with pen and paper, color, doodle, read paper books, meditate, do yin yoga, gaze at the moon, brush your cat, pick out your clothes for the next day, clutter clear a drawer, etc.

An evening routine can help you better transition from work, to home and family, to sleep. Create routines to setup clear boundaries for each of those aspects of your day and it will help you detach, relax, and unwind.


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