Posted by: Cathy | March 5, 2018

Work/Art Balance is about Living your Values

The core of finding Work/Art Balance is to live your values. If creativity is important to you, if you value it, don’t let a day go by where you skip being creative.

If you haven’t been living your values, start small. Choose a small way to flex your creativity and take action, gradually building up your creative habits. Brainstorm more short, creative activities to add to this list.

If you have 5 minutes:
* Watch the sunrise and identify the different colors in the clouds.
* Describe the breeze on your face.
* Write a love note for a friend or partner.

If you have 15 minutes:
* Doodle or color.
* Write a limerick or haiku.
* Create a delicious meal plan for the week. (Cooking is creative!)

If you have 30 minutes:
* Make a digital collage.
* Do a pencil study of your pet.
* Outline the next chapter of your novel.

Fight for even the smallest amount of time to live your creative values every day. As you see how much your life improves with those activities, you’ll gain momentum and determination to fight for longer stretches of time.



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