Posted by: Cathy | February 26, 2018

Where could you take a creative risk?

In general, I don’t take a lot of risks. I am very risk-averse with my finances. I don’t want to jump out of airplanes. And yet, sometimes it pays to take a creative risk.

When I’m stuck on my fiction writing, one of my block-busting activities is to write sex scenes. They’re usually not even related to my main fiction project. I just write what I refer to as “smutty fluff”; “smutty” as in I let myself be as graphic as I want and “fluff” in that it’s not important, it’s just for fun. Letting myself write fast and dirty can often help me loosen up enough to get back to my main project after a day or two.

Even if you don’t feel called to take a creative risk right now, think of a thing or two you could try when the mood strikes or when you need a rush of energy.

Where could you take a creative risk?


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