Posted by: Cathy | February 19, 2018

Why creativity is worth it

You and I know that creativity is worth it, even if it isn’t valued in mainstream society.

We constantly hear about art and music programs being cut in schools. We all know the “starving artist” myth; that making art or creative writing won’t pay the bills.

And yet we do it anyway. We know the truth.

  • We know how it feels to flow creatively, how we feel alive and awake in that flow and afterward we feel more like ourselves.
  • We know how doing creative work grounds and centers us, so we can be more present in other areas of our lives.
  • We know how exciting it is to see what another artist or writer has done, to take a few steps in their shoes and see through their eyes, and know we’re not alone.
  • We know that art makes life worth living.

Creativity is worth it every time. Every minute you spend on your creativity is time well spent.

What worthy creative work are you doing today?


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