Posted by: Cathy | January 29, 2018

Fears are tied to Weaknesses

Anytime you feel fear, it is showing you a place of weakness or limitation. In order to overcome your fear, look at the weakness tied to it. Anything that is limiting you is tied to a fear somewhere.

For example, if you have anxiety when a credit card bill arrives in the mail, perhaps you feel your income is too weak to cover your needs and wants. If you want to change jobs but have fear at the thought of applying for something new, maybe you feel your resume might be weak compared to other candidates for a better job.

Fears are just emotions. To dismantle them, you need to deal with facts by looking at the areas of weakness. First, is the weakness true and valid? If so, what steps could you take to build strength in that area?

By focusing on reducing weakness and turning it into strength, you take back your power and move forward.

Don’t let fear put you in a corner. Dismantle the weaknesses tied to your fears.



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