Posted by: Cathy | January 17, 2018

Make your intention into an affirmation

To help you stay connected with your intention throughout the year, it helps to make your intention into an affirmation.

For example, I shared that my intention for 2018 can be summarized as “Cultivating habits I want more of” such as my daily fiction practice and becoming more fluent in Italian language. Implied in that statement is also reducing habits I want less of, but I wanted to keep my intention is positive language. I’ll also write my affirmation in positive language.

    Something like:

  • It is easy for me to cultivate positive habits.
  • I easily make positive changes in my life.
  • I shape the life I want with positive habits.

Wording my affirmation a few different ways will keep the phrase from getting stale. I can use a different one each week.

What is your intention for 2018, and how can you make it into an affirmation?



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