Posted by: Cathy | January 15, 2018

Why creativity requires courage

Creativity requires courage for three primary reasons.

1. Making creative work expresses your unique vision of the world, and sharing how you see things can feel vulnerable. Many people won’t understand or appreciate what you’re trying to do, so it takes courage to hold onto your vision. Trust in your instincts and keep working with your vision in your creative mediums. Only you can make your art, because only you see the world through your eyes.

2. Creative work often doesn’t pay the bills, so it takes courage to acknowledge its importance to you and carve out time for it in a busy schedule. Take a stand for your creativity and give it as much time as you can, even if it’s only 15 minutes per day. “Paying” yourself with that time will give you dividends in other areas of your life, because using your creativity will give you more satisfaction in your life in general.

3. Facing a blank page or canvas every day can be intimidating. It takes courage to trust that the creative force will meet you halfway every time you face that page. Your muse is loyal, though, and she will fight for you as much as you fight for her. She wants to meet you at that blank space and whisper possibilities in your ear.

Creativity requires courage, so be proud of yourself after every creative session, no matter what you accomplish!



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