Posted by: Cathy | January 10, 2018

Systems to support your art: Morning routine

Routines help you cultivate behaviors you want more of. If you want to get fit, you need to create a fitness routine. If you want to have a daily writing practice, you need to create a writing routine.

If you want to create more time in your schedule, it helps to create a morning routine.

Starting the day with intention gives you a foundation for the day, one you can return to when the day gets hectic. It gives you a chance to set your priorities for the day, including your creative work.

An effective morning routine looks different for everyone. The best way to design one for yourself is to think about what mood would best help you to start your day. Then review, minute by minute, how you currently start your day and how you can better align your actions to the mood you want.

* For example, I like to start my day gently and relax before the day really gets started. I wake up with a progressive light clock and a song by Sigur Ros (and my cat meowing in my face). Then I wash my face and do some stretches, then a short meditation. Then I make coffee and eat a croissant while I review my plan for the day, and skim Facebook to see what my friends and family are up to.

* If you want to start your day with more energy, perhaps you’ll wake up to a peppy 80s song and go for a run, then eat a high-protein breakfast.

* If you want a spiritual foundation for your day, maybe you’ll begin with a prayer or short reading of an inspirational book.

You can do anything you want to set the mood for your day; choose your mood before traffic or cranky coworkers choose one for you!




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