Posted by: Cathy | January 3, 2018

Where have you matured?

One question I’ve never seen in a new year review list is: Where have you matured?

I think this can be a really powerful question. Someone can act mature at 12 or 82, but there are always things that trigger us and bring out our immature side.

Where are you still immature? And did you experience any maturing in that area last year?

Noticing where you get triggered, where you feel immature, can help you begin to process your emotions and set caring boundaries for yourself. Maturing is about becoming detached by diffusing the emotions and taking back your power. By reducing triggers in your life, you can better make conscious choices about what you do and say in life, rather than reacting with immature emotions.

Where have you matured, and where would you like to mature this year?




  1. I have matured in the past year regarding how I perceive others’ expectations of me. I wouldn’t say that I’m “there” yet, but I’m starting to see that maybe others don’t expect as much perfection from me as I have always assumed they did. 🙂 I would like to continue to grow in this sense as it directly impacts my expectations of myself. How have you matured, Cathy? 🙂

    • Thanks for asking! I think I’ve matured as regards to setting realistic goals for myself – not just deciding what would be cool to achieve but whether it’s realistic. I’ve had to scale back but it increases the probability of success. I’m still growing in that aspect, too; pushing myself a little while also acknowledging limitations.

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