Posted by: Cathy | January 1, 2018

What is Your Intention for 2018?

Let’s start the new year out on the right foot by setting an intention.

I believe an intention is better than a resolution. Firstly, because resolutions have been so abused in the past, you may have a bad history with resolutions. Secondly, the word “intention” feels more open, flexible, and full of possibilities, while “resolution” sounds like a legal term.

Your intention is less about making a new rule for yourself as it is setting a mood for the year, month, week, or hour.

When making your to-do list for the day or looking at your goals for the week, you can keep your intention in mind and filter your tasks accordingly.

My intention for 2018 can be summarized as “Cultivating habits I want more of” such as my daily fiction practice and becoming more fluent in Italian language. Implied in that statement is also reducing habits I want less of, but I wanted to keep my intention is positive language.

What is your intention for 2018?



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